Monday, November 30, 2015


Welcome back, I'm excited to say that after just over 2 weeks from throwing the towel in on anything house related, we finally got an approval. And I'm super excited that we got approved with room to spare so we went back and added the tray ceiling and princess bath.

Initially, we thought we would only be able to add one or the other. It really came down to the princess bath, master spa bath or tray ceiling. We had decided to only add the princess bath for resale purposes because the master bath is already beautiful without the upgrades. I'm just so excited because my daughter is 6 now and we plan to be there for at least 10 years so her having her own bath was a big deal for me because coming from a large family that had to share, I just knew she would owe me one down the line, lol.

This weekend we were asked to come in and sign some more paperwork. Apparently the original design center selections sheet had duplicate choices so they just cleaned it up to remove them. We wouldn't have been charged extra but our SR loves everything to me neat and clean.

We have also been discussing whether we wanted to add 2 pre-wires in the ceiling on either side of where we want to put the bed but I'm convinced that I can do it myself after and tap into the ceiling fan wiring for power. I also looked at not doing that and putting up plug in swing lights with wireless remotes.

Other than that nothing major has happened, haven't even met our PM yet but I asked the SR to give him a warning. I am not Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada but I certainly do know what I want and hold people to their word. Heck the SR himself was trying to talk the VP into bringing me on as his assistant because I'm polite but stern and have a discerning eye for detail.

Next up......breaking ground.
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Low voltage update

And this is why I won't allow myself to get excited about this process. So a little update on the loan app, it's still in underwriting. It's been weeks and now the issue is that we paid for a vacation club program, that is not a timeshare. It was a one time purchase that is paid off in installments and we get points to use for vacation days. All of the paperwork they requested says it is not a timeshare but they are requesting more information. I know this is pretty much the hard part but it really is sucking the fun out of this and has me worried that things wont happen fast enough to break ground before Christmas and winter hits. If that doesn't happen we wont be in by May which will cause us to have to enter into a month-to-month lease at almost $1400.

Now onto our low voltage appointment. We met at the model home on Wednesday with Chesapeake System Services. CSS provides all cable, phone/internet, home audio and security things for the home. I have posted the documents below, sorry if they are too small. the best I could do.

We chose the 2 Room home Audio, Surround Sound pre-wire and added a few extra cable locations. We are also thinking about upgrading to a 4 room audio. The entire process was super easy because I am a super planer, if you can't tell already. I created 2 separate floor plans to decide my furniture layout and the layout for the electrical because I can't wait until I meet the electrician to figure it out. Yes I researched the code requirements for power outlets which helped in my furniture placement. This also allowed me to do locals for the ceiling fans/lights we are adding.

Now the fun part is to also wait for the VP to get back to us about the basement bar. We made adjustments for the entrance to be near a wall as opposed to it being near the stairs. At this point I just want to get an approval. I know understand how other bloggers have felt seeing those who have started the process after them moving further and faster.

The waiting game is really just giving me time to second guess my furniture choices and I don't think the guy could deal with another decor change. Currently floating in my head is just a very simple monochromatic neutral with no colors on the walls just in the tablescape and pillows. I have really fallen in love with the thought of medium wood tones and linen/burlap fabrics.

Ok, Ok, I am making a promise to myself and I expect you guys to hold me to it. I will not "shop", talk or look at anything house related until the loan comes out of underwriting.

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