Monday, June 6, 2016

Closed and all moved in

Welp, it has been a hectic few weeks. My last post was 2 weeks ago, pre-closing. There had been so much going on in that 2 weeks, I couldn't even bring myself to blog about. But now that it is all behind us I can update you on all the details.

Lets start with Friday, May 13th. Yep it really lived up to the hype of the day from hell. My whole day was beautiful until about 2 pm. I got a call from our SR informing me that the home didn't have power 2 weeks before we were set to close. Apparently there was a miscommunication with the PM and his working which lead to the presumption that the home had power. (this is where I question why the PM didn't know that already) So without an electrical meter, they could not install the carpet. Of course they couldn't install the meter because of all the rain.

However, what boiled my blood was the conversation I had with the SR later that day when I got home. Apparently they knew that there was an issue with the electrical meter at least a week before they called me but didn't inform me hoping that they could get it taken care of. My issue at hand was the fact that I had been at the model home every week since February and communicated to the SR, because the PM wasn't very responsive except through the SR; and very clear that we had a very tight time line. I was clear in the fact that we would already be on a month to month lease with our apartment at the time of closing so we would essentially showing up to close in a moving van. Had I been informed of the issue when it was first discovered I could have made arrangements with the leasing office. As it stood we would have had to move into temp housing and pay for storage, to which when I asked for assistance was told they never have done it and wouldn't now.

I spent the entire following week anxious only to be told that now that the meter was installed that because of the rain they could not do the final grading nor install sod. Boy I just couldn't catch a break. According to PG County code, you can not pass inspection and close without sod, so at this point grass is pushing back settlement. But man oh man is my GOD great. The clouds dried up and gave way to the sun long enough to grand and get sod down. And when I say it was last minute, we literally did final walk through on Friday the 27th morning. The workers were still there fixing cosmetic issues and we proceed to closing as the cleaners were cleaning. So we only got pushed back 1 day but it could have been worse because Thursday night was when we received the final inspection and Monday was the Holiday. We only had to reschedule the painters, however Comcast came out and informed us that the cables were never ran from the box to the house, despite the order having been put in 2 weeks prior. So we haven't had cable or internet since the 29th and wont have it until possibly next week.

So now that the hard stuff is over lets get into the actual move. Everything went perfect, except the fact that I underestimated the size of the truck we needed. All in 1 movers were great, they showed up on time, worked hard and didn't give me too much of a hard time about the fact that they were allergic to cats. Yes they were allergic and the scheduler forgot to mention it, we even offered allergy med but the politely declined as a hazard of the job and never made an excuse, simply asked for wet rags to wipe their face and cold water. Ok so they did give a hard time on the way I packed my boxes, playfully of course, but I coupon and needed that stockpile to come with us.

Ok so this post is getting long so I will come back with how the unpacking and furniture deliveries went. Thanks for stopping by.