Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Low Voltage and Under Writting

This past weekend was the grand opening for the new Model home in our community. We arrived a little later than I wanted but was happy to see the amount of traffic that came through. Plus we finally saw it fully furnished, we visited last week while the designer was finishing up. (Ha, left with a great recommendation from the SR to the designer to be her assistant. Apparently her office is quite a distance from the communities Haverford is opening and many buyers want to meet and use her services but she can’t accommodate them.) 

Anyway we were finally contacted by the low voltage company, Chesapeake System Services, to set up our appointment. Let’s just say I was really shocked with what they shared. However they were very communicative and answered all questions.  Our community only includes 2 Single Cat 5e Phone Locations & 3 Single RG6 Coax Locations and we will not be able to sub a phone line for a cable line (keep in mind I don’t understand any of this and simply asked because I had read about it on other blogs). In the original email we were told that we would have to put down 100% deposit on any additions we made. This is where the shock came in because up until now I was under the impression that all new builds had the ability to add any upgrades into the purchase price, so when confirming our appointment time for next month we asked about it. The response was that the original offerings set forth by Haverford only allowed what was included but that we could finance in up to $2500 into our mortgage. So for right now I think we have decided to only add the home audio until we sit for the meeting. As for the phone and cable I am comfortable with what’s offered as we can put cable in the master bedroom, rec. room and family room with phones in the rec. room and master. We are looking at getting those cordless phone packages that only require 1 phone plugged in but the other phones just require power. We are still trying to figure out the wiring and things for the theater room outside of the surround sound.

This is what I have in mind for the phones. The main base would be in the Master and the other phones will be in each bedroom and additional headsets for the Kitchen and Basement. The Office will have it's own phone line and phone as well.

Panasonic KXTGE275S

Now for the T.V's and cable. We plan to get Cable in the Family Room, Master and Basement, then have the cable run and split off to the Kid and Guest rooms.

Finally because it's been over a week since the last update our application has gone to underwriting and surprisingly they only has 1 or 2 questions which just required submission of documents that took all of 5 minutes to gather. We are looking forward to hearing from the underwriter and getting the final number. Plus now that we don't have to worry about the low voltage stuff with the purchase the guy wants to go ahead and add the spa bath or tray ceiling.

Lastly back to the grand opening. They served sparkling juices, black caviar, smoked salmon and vairious chocolates and fruits.We were able to provide some incite to our SR regarding a couple we overheard discussing serious interest in the home. Apparently they had just signed  a new lease at the beginning of the month but current delivery times are April/May. We even met a few of the Neighbors that have Ryan homes surrounding our lot. As a cute little sign of appreciation we received a Jar of caviar and requests to come by and speak to potential buyers and after we close to provide a testimonial for their website. And yes they are very much following my blog, but like me and sit silently in the corner observing everything. Hey!!!!

I'll update everything once we come out of underwriting, hopefully sometime this week. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

slow rolling....

Once more nothing really exciting to report. We submitted the loan app last week and even had to submit more paperwork due to some overtime and health and welfare payouts. Seems like the bulk of questioning came from the fact that earlier this year there was a switch from hourly to salary and once you become salaried you no longer get the allowance for health care. Also the overtime is pretty much a guarantee but they were having a hard time with it, guess they don't want to rely on it as income.

In other news, just browsing the builder site we noticed that the homes have gone up another $5K. This is good for us because it's almost like gaining equity before we even move in. The model for the community is getting in the furniture and final prep for the grand opening in a few weeks. We do plan on going to talk to potential buyers about our experience so far and meet some of the owners from the testimonials on their site. Our goal is a bit self serving in that we are hoping to sway those that are on the fence into purchasing because it will add to the "Equity" on our home.

Now for the fun stuff. As per usual for me I love shopping and that really where my excitement for the entire process lies until we get the closing date and keys in our hands.  We went into Bob's Discount Furniture, you know the commercial with the funny little cartoon and the woman doing her version of Vanna White? lol Up until this past weekend I had been online window shopping and you know how that could be, I fell in love with a bedroom set and when I saw it in person...lets just say they should have went back to the drawing board. Plus I finally settled on a color Scheme, I have chosen colors by Sherwin Williams. Here's my inspiration courtesy of Pintrest

So this is how the layout will be....
Sun Room...We wanted it to be bright but not overwhelming yet coordinate with all the other rooms since we have more of an open plan.

Coral Reef
Dining Room...I love the idea of a dark formal dining room. It will have chair rail molding which will be white. I also plan to put a large mirror on the longest wall to bring in more light since the other wall has windows.
Dark Night
 All Other Walls...I don't want all the walls to be white so this color works perfect and coordinates. All the trim will be white.
Kilim Beige
Family Room...This room will be directly across from the kitchen and next to both the dining room and sun room. I plan to have Navy sofas as well.
Requisite Gray
Master Bedroom....I love that this is warm but not so dark since we will have a black and mirror bedroom set and the headboard is tufted ivory fabric.
Wow we really got off track here. We were supposed to be talking about the furniture. Guess I have to make another post just for the furniture, so tell me what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

nothing new yet, putting in the loan app

Well it's been a week since I last updated and there has been nothing new to happen yet. As I stated before the SR informed us that for every Lancaster (our model) sold the price will increase $5K, but we've just been told that he doesn't believe the President will wait for the sales to increase the price. Good thing we initially signed when we did because days later the price increased and apparently the Pres. wanted to raise it to the full $509K. I personally like the idea of $5K for every home because even as good as the market is right know, if anyone has been stalking and on the fence like me that huge jump would really have an impact on my decision.

So with no news to really share at the time we have time to talk about electrical and data wiring. The company Haverford uses is called Chesapeake System Services, which I have never heard of but according to info found on Yelp, they hold some large accounts such as Sheehy, Pohanka, Centex Homes and Toll Brothers. My only gripe is that not much clarity is given on their site about what they offer and the levels of product, everything basically takes you to another website.

For now me and the guy are going over the location for outlets, switches, lighting and all those things. Good thing I created a little mock plan for my furniture layout, that helps out a lot.