Saturday, December 26, 2015

Preconstruction Meeting and Breaking Ground

So we just returned from our cruise vacation and were happy to see that while we were away Haverford broke ground. Now a huge shout out to Owen over at Building Our NVHomes Andrew Carnegie. While we were out Owen was nice enough to send us pictures while out walking his dog. I can't wait for us to be neighbors and walk our dogs together, well when we get a dogs. :)

So let's just jump into the preconstruction meeting. We finally met our project manager Clayton who was just amazingly understanding and nice. Clayton himself is very straightforward and upfront. I informed him that I can be a bit OCD on certain things and that I mean no harm and he said to feel free to let him know any of my concerns but also to be sure and give him time to address them. We covered lighting, ceiling fans, flooring and the possible grading of our property. We also received our lot plan. I wasn't sure of any of the questions I may need to ask so if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below.

Now for the pictures

from across street

standing at edge of drive way

view of future sunroom and deck
We've been told that the footers should be in this week if the rain stops and we don't get the storms that are being predicted. I'm so excited, it finally seems a little real and the closer we get the realer it will become.

Thanks for stopping by, the next update will be when we have footers.