Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just when I thought I would Explode

Well its been 2 weeks and they are already on to second floor framing. We were also contacted for our pre-wire walk through. That is where we re-confirm the locations for tv and surround sound.

The designer also finally got around to putting up window treatments and I was offered to come on as decorator if they couldnt get on the same page. Mind you this offer is purely based on conversations and sharing pictures of ideas I like. 

Things are looking great so far and my fears of the house being too small have completely vanished. I mean I know those fears were absolutely ridiculous because it was still just a hole in the ground and when looking down everything looks smaller. 

So here is what you've been waiting on, a little late and bad angles due to the sun.

And ofcourse no blog would be complete without a pic of the mess left on site. Not as bad as some I've seen but enough to question how hard is it to put stuff in the garbage.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Slow progress

Well it's been a few weeks since I've updated and well thats because of the slow progress. The weather here has been extremely cold and we are only 2 weeks out of a monster snow storm that shut down the whole city. The only thing to be done since the last post was yhe pouring of the foundation.

Today is when we did our drive past and it was so cold I only got these pictures. Which is fine considering nothing much has changed

While here I wasn't terribly that everything was looking good. As I have said before that this looks so much smaller than the actual completed house. In fact I was so unconvinced we had to walk through the model again. The SR, Jim, tried his best to convince me it will never look the same size until we move in and begin to decorate. He even went as far as to tell me it may begin to look even smaller once they begin framing and drywalling. 

At this point I am comfortable enough to say I believe we are on schedule, especially since another builder began after us and the owners have already moved in. You could take this a thousand ways, I am choosing to believe they are taking their time to provide us a great quality home. It also couldn't hurt if they are a little late on delivery if it gives us extra time to save more money. 

With that said, someone mentioned to me that we should have written into our contract a rent back clause if they failed to deliver within the time frame. I had never thought of that since we are building in the winter and weather can cause delays. Has anyone heard of or done this before ?