Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just when I thought I would Explode

Well its been 2 weeks and they are already on to second floor framing. We were also contacted for our pre-wire walk through. That is where we re-confirm the locations for tv and surround sound.

The designer also finally got around to putting up window treatments and I was offered to come on as decorator if they couldnt get on the same page. Mind you this offer is purely based on conversations and sharing pictures of ideas I like. 

Things are looking great so far and my fears of the house being too small have completely vanished. I mean I know those fears were absolutely ridiculous because it was still just a hole in the ground and when looking down everything looks smaller. 

So here is what you've been waiting on, a little late and bad angles due to the sun.

And ofcourse no blog would be complete without a pic of the mess left on site. Not as bad as some I've seen but enough to question how hard is it to put stuff in the garbage.

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