Saturday, March 12, 2016

Simply Amazed-we have a roof

Not even 3 posts ago I was thinking things weren't moving fast enough. Well we have a roof and windows. 

Yesterday we had our walk through with CSS to confirm out wiring placement for the surround sound, tvs, phones and theater room. We also moved a tv location in the basementsincr we can now see the placement of the structural beams.  We also changed the location of the wet bar a few weeks ago at the suggestion of the PM. 

No pics of the inside just yet because all we have at this point is plumbing and duct work. But here are pics from outside

Im just so super excited. I've even measures the windows so I can get started on making my window treatments to be put up moving in day so we dont have tonworry about temporary blinds. 
I'll certainly be doing a separate post about my window treatments. 

Thanks for stopping by.  


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