Furniture Shopping

So I have been promising an update on all the window shopping we have been doing and so here it is. I won't be posting everything because I want to do a reveal at some point. We have come to find that Bob's Discount Furniture and Wayfair have been our go to stores and lucky for us we can actually start shopping Bob's now. At Bob's they have a price protection program, while it's not like layaway and they can't pull the items and hold them we can put down a deposit and have 1 year to pay it off at which time they deliver the furniture. In the even that something isn't available we can either get out money back or chose something else.

Family Room - I know it's a bad pic of this is the general idea. very structured and navy blue. As for the chair, it too is structured with nail head trim.

Dining Room- I really wanted a round 60" dining table to seat 6 and my original pick was a solid wood pedistool table with a glass inset. But once I saw the glass top table in the model I loved it so I went to find a happy medium of wood and glass. Now the chairs that come with the set I didn't really care for so I found those below and I think the side cut ins tie nicely with the tabl. Just wait until you see what I do with the walls.
Luna Pearl @ Value City Furniture

Modway Dining Chair

Home Theater - We plan to have a platform and snack station in the media/theater room. I would have preferred a nice fluffy couch for cuddles but was vetoed by "the man" because this is "his Room" and he wants theater seating.
Value City Polaris Theater set

Master - I absolutely love mirrored furniture and Macy's answered my prayers but again I was vetoed by "the man" because it was "too feminine" but I didn't want white (think it's for little girls) not all black (too masculine). Everything else didn't do it for me and "BAM" hear comes Wayfair to the rescue, the best of both world, my mirror and his black. Plus the Ivory tufted headboard also softens it.
Jacqueline Collection at Wayfair

Daughters Room - My 6 year old is very clear on the fact that she wants a princess room with white furniture and it must have crystal knobs. She originally wanted bunk beds for when her cousin comes over but I just don’t like them so I was able to convince her that a trundle bed is good. Plus it can grow with her and still not be child like, for those teen years when they don’t think bunks are cute. This set only comes with the bed and dresser online but you get better package options when you go in store to save a few dollars.
Madelyn Collection at Bob's

 We are still working on the Rec Room, his office (1st floor) and my office/dressing room (2nd floor). And suddenly I'm second guessing my living room choice. I feel like a sofa and 2 chairs is great but the price plus freight from FL, I can find something I'd  love at a better price locally. Or so I hope.

UPDATE 4/8/16
I have changed my mind on the round dining room table. I got shot down on the previous selection and can't find anything I like that isn't overly grand or expensive. So I went with Bob's again for their Gatsby 7 piece dining set. 
And for the Master bedroom, I've decided on a similar set for the dresser and nightstand. I also chose a completely different bed.

I can't wait to do a complete reveal.



  1. The selections are really nice. I really like the first master bedroom with the soft back headboard. That is a great find. I like the post bed too. We used and still have our post be from our townhouse.

    1. Thanks. I was in love with the first bed until I walked into a model home and saw the post bed.