Sunday, January 17, 2016

Foundation Update

Not much to report in the last 2 weeks other than what I assume to be plumbing in our hole. I can't say this enough but finally being able to walk around the hole it still doesn't look big enough. All I keep thing is where is the rest of the house. I also have some concern about the window placement because we have intentions of putting in a deck and judging from where they are marked and the basement door is, looks like the deck will block the 2 small windows.

Here's a look at the pics we took yesterday.

what I assume to be plumbing
 As you can see in the picture below, that door opening in the middle is our single welled exit under the sun room area. And those 2 blue things on the right side are the windows. This means that the door from the actual sun room will opposite the basement door and therefore the deck would block the windows.
looking from family room fireplace

Back of the house to property line

standing right at edge of sunroom

Edge of sun room looking at basement window

Middle of driveway facing house
It's hard to believe that this little hole is supposed to be almost 4,000 sq.ft. Hopefully my next post will be the beginning of framework.

In the mean time take a look at the furniture we put on price hold with Ashley Furniture. Let me apologize for the poor quality picture here. Just a little description of the master furniture. It is black croc embossed with mirror and rhinestone accents.

If you remember from the previous post I chose a similar set from as you can see below. I am still on the fence about the bed itself. I don't know what or why I am drawn to the white upholstery when the rational part of me only sees the pain in cleaning it of the oils that no doubt will get on it from our hair. Yet all I see when looking at the bed above is how dark everything will be, even with the Latte walls and grey carpet. We will also add a bench to separate the sitting area from the sleeping area.As for the sitting Area, we are going for light beige and neutral colors. 

 Look at how huge this sectional is for the basement. There are 4 recliners and a wedge, it's perfect for entertaining.
Basement rec room

Now here is where there is to be some tough decision making. My daughter really likes the white furniture as you will recall from a previous post. However we came across another set that is a little more mature and will carry her well into the teen years without seeming too "princessey" but could it be too mature for her current 6 years.
The mature option and can add a trundle for sleepovers

just like the master with silver embossed croc and rhinestones

Monday, January 4, 2016

We Have Footers

Not the best pictures but we now have something in our hole, lol.And just like everyone else at this stage, I can't believe that it is big enough. We plan to go back when there is more light out but just happened past this weekend while out to eat. We really didn't expect to have anything because it had rained of and on all week and there was the holiday.