Preconstruction Questions


1. What is the estimated  timeline for completing construction?
Our SR estimates delivery at around April/May. Will check back once we meet the PM

2. Can we visit the site anytime? What is the policy?

Our SR indicated that he welcomes visits and that we can stop by as often as we would like. For safety reasons he requested that we let him in advance for tours.

3. What are the window dimensions?

He recommends that we measure each individual window once they are installed for ordering blinds.

4. Is there insulation between the secondary bedrooms?

5. Is there insulation between the floors?

6. What is the protocol for inspection pre and after drywall?

They are totally okay with having our own inspection. We need to coordinate with our SR for paper work that verifies that the inspector is insured. He recommended that we do this in advance to allow for this paper work to be processed.

7. Will we receive weekly updates?

Still looking into this
Update: We have not gotten weekly updates despite requesting. However, we had been making weekly trips out on the weekends.
8. Can we schedule visits for our flooring and custom closet installers prior to settlement?
Will update later on. 

9. Confirm location of master closet power outlet?
Will find out once we meet with the electrician, as it's not in the plan.

10. Will we have an outlet in the deck?
Will find out once we meet with the electrician, as it's not in the plan.
11. Location of outlet in garage?
Will update later on.
12. Will we have a doorbell?
Yes we will have a doorbell

13. Do we have dimmers on the lights? Can they be installed?

14. Are the mirrors glued down to the wall?

Waiting on meeting with PM.

15. Is it possible to order a different type of sink

Waiting on meeting with PM.
Update:  No. 

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