Friday, May 13, 2016

We're almost done!!!!

Well we are officially 2 weeks from closing!!!

I have scheduled Movers, Painters and furniture delivery. The best part is we have a long week end to have it all done. Our closing date is May 26th, Memorial Day weekend. My plan is to have the painters come in on the 27th so they would be finished in time for the movers on the 29th and furniture delivery on the 31st. I know it is a tight time line but I have faith that it can be done.

Now for the latest visit to the house last weekend. We still don't have a drive-way or landscaping, however our hardwoods have been installed but not the carpeting and the stair rails need to be stained. A while ago I updated that the appliance package that was to be installed was incorrect but we were going to leave it be. This time the appliances have been installed and they are the correct items I selected. Unfortunately I don't have pic because in all the excitement I forgot to take them.

What was I excited about you ask? We met more neighbors. That's right our neighbors on lot C5 happened to be in the model when we arrived to measure our windows. They informed us that they had been watching our build to pace out their timeline so I invited them over to tour our site. I was even able to share my binder of information with them. (sn: I have to figure out how to share it with you guy. It basically holds all of our documents, estimates, project ideas, floor plans and spreadsheets that cover room price and store breakdown.) We even toured their home, they have the same layout minus the finished basement sunroom and spare rooms.

We also met a couple who toured our home to see it without the bells and whistles. Congrats to Kenyu and her wife who signed on the line for Lot F6. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Welp, since I don't have pictures of the house I may as well share some inspiration for my house. Here goes:

 I love the Navy walls, the bamboo shades and white curtains. This will be my dining room except we have white walls below the chair rail. I will also carry the white curtains through my entire house because they are nice, simple and fresh. Eventually I may change them but I plan to use a lightweight muslin since they won't be completely functional with the shades.

 For the family room I wanted to do this exact thing of a super slim sofa table behind the sofa because as you see below I plan to have 2 sofas across from each other. Unfortunately I don't have the same amount of space as below to float the sofas in the middle of the room.

As I said above this is what I want to do in the family room and I will replicate the navy sofas with the single side table. I want to use an oversized ottoman as the coffee table with a nice serving tray in the center. The sofa table will be used the same way as above, to hold lamps. There will be a side table next to the opposite sofa with a floor lamp on the other end.

Next up we have to figure out our home security and home theater things. I'll keep you posted and if you have suggestions, drop them below.