Beechtree is a beautiful Golf Course Community that has both Single Family and Town Homes. Builders for the community are Mid-Atlantic, Ryan, NV, Lennar, Beazer and Haverford. 

Here is the link for there website

Check out the community video below.

I couldn't find anything that could clearly show you how large this community is but it's massive and so far only has 2 ways in or out with plans for a third. The main entrance is right off of US-301 which drives you directly past the Community Center. The second entrance is on Moores Plains Boulevard off of Leeland Road and I have heard rumbling that Lake Forest Drive will eventually let out onto Leeland Road. Just to take it a bit further Leeland Road gives you options for either Central Avenue (via Church Road) or US-202 (via Oak Grove Road). Here is the best I could do to show how large the community is.

Back to the good stuff the community as I said is an 18-hole golf course, 30 Acre lake, beautiful locker room (I have seen it myself) and Bar & Grille (food is awesome). I mean the video says it all. Now in case you are wondering, I know I did, you can receive take-out here. Often times no one thinks about accessibility to take-out because frankly no one thinks about it until they want something. I have noticed delivery cars for Domino's and Papa Johns. I am sure the local Chinese place delivers too but of course they don't advertise on the vehicles.

I have also heard rumblings of a school coming to the area on the left in the above pic where you see what looks like a court of some type.

I will continue to update as I learn more and more about the community.

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