Monday, April 25, 2016

Another weekend another Trip

I actually started this post a week ago but decided to hold off on this because there seems to be a mistake in the home.

It has come to our attention after one of our weekend visits that a mistake had been made on our kitchen. As you can see from the original selections post, we had selected the double oven with the microwave over the cooktop. We had decided that we could install the hood I wanted ourselves.

Well during our visit we discovered that the cut out for the oven looked small. I texted our PM and he sent me a screen shot of the selection sheet and sure enough it looks like we chose the microwave/oven combo. I was also told that the selections have undergone a change and the option we chose was now something else.

Having said that I distinctly remember having had the conversation about the options and even mentioned several times to the PM to make sure the outlet above the cook top was centered because I would be changing out the microwave. He never once said to me that I was incorrect and that a hood would be installed per our package.

With that said as pissed as I was, I was talked of the ledge by my boyfriend who reasoned with me that some of the items, as small as they are, we given to us for free. He also reminded me that I have a electric roaster, a crock pot and you can cook in the microwave (even though it's not convection). Plus this was the package we were thinking about because of the hood. However I made it very clear that I was upset because what I have on the selections sheet is called a Deluxe Kitchen and the selections book simply says Gourmet.

Head over tot he selections tab to see the update.

Now for the here are some pics we took:


  1. It's coming along nicely, these little mistakes can drive you nuts. Your husband is right don't let these thing stress you out too much.

    1. Thanks Owen, I am super excited. I wasn't so much stressed because it was wrong but because they tried to tell me I picked something else. We went by last week and the right stuff was installed but do you think anyone called to tell me or apologize, not at all. But it worked out and we'll be in 2 weeks from now.