Saturday, April 9, 2016


As promised in the last post we stopped by the house and found there were deliveries and work being done. A while ago we were informed that the trades didnt work on the weekend so we were surprised.

This is what we amsaw as we pulled up to the house. 

I know we arent supposed to enter the home when they are there but I haven't been here in almost a month. When I walked in they were very nice. I found that they were paintjng on the second floor so I couldn't go up or down because the cord was blocking the basement door. Being limited to the first floor all I could get was pics of the chair rail installed in the dining room and boxes upon boxes of cabinets. 

So here you go

And there were even more boxes filling our morning room.

As part of our normal routine during the visit we drove the neighborhood looking at the patio and deck options. We have been in a bit of a conflict because he'd like to have a deck and me, I prefer just a patio. On our drive i think we found a good compromise. 

As you can see, the deck wraps slightly around the morning room and leads to a patio of of the walkup basement. This is a good compromise but I still hate losing the twp small windows in the rec room area because its the only natural light for the area. 

I almost forgot, we locked in our interest rate. We haven't gotten an official closing date but we were told early to mid May. I need to get this packing in gear and finalize the movers. 


  1. Wow! You locked in at an excellent rate! High five! I understand about losing the natural light. The patio seems like the better option. Maybe you can build a combo to suit both of your desires. Create a drawing for partial deck that leads down to a patio. This could work depending on your hopper window locations.

    1. I somehow think I will be sacrificing my windows even if we did a combo but I think I can live with it.